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Greek Paradise
Colorful Buildings

​I am a Canadian artist living in Toronto, Ontario originally from Peterborough, Ontario where at a young age, I showed a love for art and my mother encouraged me by sending me to private art classes at age ten where I learned perspective and basics of light, shadow and the use of oil paints. I developed a love of nature as we lived very close to a local creek and plenty of woodlands surrounded us, and I would go hiking for hours along the creek banks and through the woods with a friend my own age.


At age fourteen, I was one of three youth who took several art weekend workshops along with adult members of two art associations, and based on our attitude and work ethic, the leadership decided to open their membership to young artists. One of the visiting art professionals stated my de plein air painting while I was on location, said that it looked like Monet's painting and suggested I study his work. At fourteen, I entered my first juried art show, presenting a cat and a horse study.


In high school I study art and after, I joined my parents in Australia and was I was delighted by the people, raw scenery, botanical gardens  and the great art in the galleries.


Returning to Canada, I married and travelled often with my husband to his native Greece to meet his wonderful family and see this beautiful country. Cuba was also our frequent holiday destination as well, and I was touched by the generous people, colourful homes, and the tropical flowers.  In my mid-fifties, I returned to painting. I have had the opportunity to do a few live prophetic paintings during church service, which is been an inspiring, uplifting experience.  


My art is represented from 2017 to present at the Prophetics Gallery an online gallery that features art by Christians with a variety of themes ranging from landscapes to specifically spiritual themes. The gallery is in North Carolina. Click here to see my page on the gallery site where you will see a few of my landscape paintings available in print: 

Artist Statement of Joan Fotopoulos

My primary mediums are acrylic and occasionally watercolours, and my main themes are landscape paintings on canvas.  

The reason I make art is I want to express the intangible emotion of joy I feel when I see the beauty about me and painting is a vehicle to demonstrate  emotion a tangible way. 

My creative process includes a walk in nature and taking photos of things that catch my eye and make my heart leap with excitement. Those photos inspire my work. I build the paint to create depth and texture blending the colours on the palette and on rare occasions on the canvas.

Making art is an intregal part of my need to express the wonders I see and feel in my spirit so that I can share this joy with others. 

Joan out for a walk
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