Landscape Acrylic Paintings

My paintings start with a walk in nature

My landscape painting is inspired by a walk, observing the colours, design elements, light and texture that are in nature. I take photos, and in the studio select which one that seems to capture the strongest dynamics that I wish to express. In this next step of my process, I slow down and get into flow with peace and joy. While working, sometimes have silence, and other times I play instrumental worship music. During 2021, my art moved away from a tighter, landscape Impressionist style into a looser landscape Expressionist style.  

Joan out for a walk
The beauty of acrylic paints is it can be layered which adds depth and motion through visible brush strokes, and people have asked if these are oil paintings. In my early years of learning my paintings were in oils, and I believe that knowledge has carried over into my acrylic paintings. Click on the button below if you would like to contact me to inquiry about purchasing an existing piece or commission me to do a painting. 
Joan Painting